Bringing yoga & mindfulness as a life skill to those in our local Central Oregon community who need it most.


Many of our society's most complex and enduring problems, including homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction, gun violence and rising suicide rates among youth and veterans, share common underlying causal factors: stress, trauma and fear. With resources to address these issues stretched thin, it is increasingly crucial to target these underlying factors. Amazingly, there is one set of practices that are proven to do just that: mindfulness practices of yoga, meditation, breath work. The Namaspa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation focused on bringing those practices to those in our society who can benefit from them most, yet who may currently have the least access. Join us in empowering these individuals to gain the life skills realize their full potential.


As of June 1, 2019

(our first 12 months of service)

We have:

  • Taught 479 Classes

  • Reached over 200 Students

  • Have had 75 free 6-week “Fresh Start” in-studio Yoga Passes Redeemed


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