Namaspa Foundation Yoga in Schools

Mission: To cultivate calm, equanimity and focus within the classrooms of the local Central Oregon community for all students regardless of socio-economic background.

How: By in-class instruction with professional teachers, we can offer students and educators evidence based science techniques to individual and group mindfulness.

Why: Research shows that yoga and meditation can help children:

* Focus and concentrate for homework or test taking

* Increase calm and self-regulation of emotions

* Cultivate better abilities to be responsive and cooperative

* Improve strength, flexibility and self-esteem

* Increase a sense of connection and inclusivity

Jewell Elementary “Jumble”, Bend , OR

Jewell Elementary “Jumble”, Bend , OR


“Lizard on a Rock”

“Lizard on a Rock”


  • During or after school yoga club for students and teachers

  • Yoga and Mindfulness classes direct to students and/or teachers

  • Weekly Series: 6+ week with intake and outtake surveys to collect data

Elton Gregory In Service with YAMI Yoga, August 2018

Elton Gregory In Service with YAMI Yoga, August 2018


Full Day Teacher Training

Half Day Training

  • District In Service with YAMI Yogi 

Early Release Wednesday Teacher Trainings

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings

Who We Serve

  • Elton Gregory Middle School: August 2018, Teacher In-Service with YAMI Yoga

  • Vern Patrick Elementary: Weekly Community Class open to all Schools

  • Jewell Elementary: March 2019

  • Bend High School--International Baccalaureate Program: April-May 2019

Points of Contact

  • Brandy Berlin, Namaspa Foundation, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Namaspa Yoga Community

  • Deven Sisler, YAMI Yogi Founder & Owner & Namaspa Children’s Yoga Director

  • Symeon North, Namaspa Foundation Coordinator & Events Coordinator