Namaspa Foundation Yoga in Schools

Mission: To cultivate calm, equanimity and focus within the classrooms of the local Central Oregon community for all students regardless of socio-economic background.

How: By in-class instruction with professional teachers, we can offer students and educators evidence-based techniques for individual and group mindfulness.

Why: Research shows that yoga and meditation can help children:

  • Focus and concentrate for homework or test taking

  • Increase calm and self-regulation of emotions

  • Cultivate better abilities to be responsive and cooperative

  • Improve strength, flexibility and self-esteem

  • Increase a sense of connection and inclusivity

Jewell Elementary “Jumble”, Bend , OR

Jewell Elementary “Jumble”, Bend , OR


“Lizard on a Rock” at Jewell Elementary

“Lizard on a Rock” at Jewell Elementary


  • Yoga and Mindfulness classes direct to students and/or teachers (weekly, biweekly)

  • During or after school yoga club for students and teachers

  • Early Release Wednesday classes

  • Weekly Series: 6+ weeks with intake and outtake surveys to collect data

  • Teen 40 Days to Personal Revolution program

Elton Gregory In Service, August 2018

Elton Gregory In Service, August 2018


Who We Serve

  • Jewell Elementary

  • Sage Elementary

  • Vern Patrick Elementary

  • Elton Gregory Middle School

  • Bend High School

  • Cascades Academy

Points of Contact

  • Brandy Berlin, Namaspa Foundation, Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Namaspa Yoga Community

  • Deven Sisler, YAMI Yogi Founder & Owner & Namaspa Children’s Yoga Director

  • Symeon North, Namaspa Foundation Coordinator & Events Coordinator