Namaspa has been a leader in the Central Oregon yoga community since 2007, with a commitment to bringing volunteer yoga classes to local jails, homeless shelters, rehab facilities and schools.

Now, the Namaspa Foundation employs certified yoga teachers to teach these classes, thus meeting the growing needs of our community and providing them with a living wage, ultimately creating new jobs and helping to address some of the underlying issues of disempowerment in our society: stress, fear, anxiety, trauma, self-doubt and depression.

If your school or facility wants to participate in our offerings, please reach out to

Our Mission

We provide empowerment and access for underserved individuals to cultivate new life skills, create new possibilities in their lives and align with their true selves through the transformational power of yoga. From this platform, individuals learn to contribute to themselves, to their family and their community.

You get great by making others great.
— Baron Baptiste