We empower ourselves by empowering others.


Suzie newcome, Co-founder & President OF the board of directors

Suzie Newcome is the Co-Founder of the Namaspa Foundation and the President of the Board of Directors. Suzie is a Senior Certified Baptiste yoga teacher since 2006, and has been committed to making yoga accessible to all through the Namaspa LLC studios, which she founded in 2007. Whether it was teaching monthly classes and raising donations for the Bethlehem Inn (Central Oregon's largest homeless shelter), helping to organize the Annual Yogi's Unite Bend charity event for 6 years, incorporating "Giving Back" classes in her 200hr Teacher Trainings or providing free 45-day "Fresh Start" yoga passes for local therapists and counselors to give out to clients who could benefit, Suzie has made it a key initiative of the Namaspa yoga studios to bring yoga and resources to those in need. Suzie traveled to Africa in 2015 to assist a 200hr teacher training for the Africa Yoga Project, and was so inspired by their model of empowering those in need through yoga while creating valuable jobs, that she used it as the role model for the Namaspa Foundation non-profit. Suzie lives in Bend with her husband Wayne and their lively household of "fur-babies".

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Brandy berlin, Co-founder & VICE-President OF the board of directors

Brandy Berlin is the Co-Founder of the Namaspa Foundation and the Vice-President of the Board of Directors. Brandy is a lifelong educator who spent 20 years as a private, charter and public school social studies teacher. This gave her special access to seeing the changing social and emotional needs of today's youth.  Brandy began bringing yoga and mindfulness to her students in 2008, and is committed to continue this work through the Namaspa Foundation.  She created the Namaspa Teen 40 Days to Personal Revolution program and introduced teen yoga specials to both Namaspa studios. Brandy has mentored emerging adults both formally and informally including through Africa Yoga Project, several of which are now certificated yoga teachers and community leaders themselves. Brandy lives in Bend with her husband, Glenn Garland, and their fuzzy babies at "Camp Glandy", their home that has often served as a lilypad until her mentees are ready to launch.  


Nancy is the Secretary of the Namaspa Foundation.  She began practicing yoga at an early age after a serious health issue and continues her practice today.  She became a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher in 2010 with the intention of sharing her love of the practice after experiencing the healing quality of yoga as well as realizing life is full of possibilities.  After 22 years as a Human Resources professional Nancy’s goal of giving back to her community through inspiration, mentorship and gratitude has found another avenue; that of the Namaspa Foundation.  Working with people most of her career, Nancy sees the Foundation as offering a generous opportunity to reach many people that otherwise wouldn’t have the experience of yoga and all the healing qualities it can offer.  Now retired, Nancy offers yoga and mindfulness to those that are beginning their yoga experience, those experiencing trauma and to our elderly population in a retirement home. When not on her yoga mat, you can find Nancy in her garden or on her paddleboard with her puppy Jack and her partner Alex or cross country skiing in the woods.



I first experienced yoga one morning after camping in Upstate New York; someone asked me if I wanted to practice some Sun Salutations. Being the only other person awake at our camp site, I agreed. I wasn't able to keep up, but the fire was lit.  Every New Year after that, starting an asana practice was on my list of "resolutions" and every year, I found some videos, but on my own, I eventually gave up. It wasn't until I was given a Fresh Start pass to Namaspa, after life altering surgery; that my practice began in earnest. I found empowerment through the powerful teachers and breathing with the community. Even today, I find my studio practice is more powerful than my home practice. The community helps uplift me and explore my edge. My entire practice has been transformed by the assists I've been given by the teachers at Namaspa. Three years after that gift pass, I signed up for Namaspa's 200 hour yoga teacher training with the intention of using my certificate to bringing yoga to everyBody. (Yoga for everybody with every body) Little did I know that at the time, the Namaspa Foundation was taking shape. Soon after my graduation, I began teaching at the Deschutes County Jail and Bethlehem Inn. My intention is to share the empowerment, peace, strength, and liberation I have found in my yoga practice, with others who can use it the most. I am currently the Namaspa Foundation Coordinator, striving to bring empowerment to our community's most vulnerable populations. In addition to my classes with the Namaspa Foundation I can be found regularly on Thursday nights at 5:30 for Healing Flow, Fridays at 4 for Vin/Yin, and alternating Monday evenings at 7 for Evoke Energy Yin.Come join me in finding your edge and exploring spaces you never thought existed. My hope is to help guide you though your own journey into power.